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Finding Your Ancestors in the Condits and Cousins Family Genealogy

Browsing to Find Your Family

You have several choices in finding your ancestor or browsing this family genealogy. Your first choice is to go to the "Home Card" for John Cundict, the Ancestor , and navigate through the genealogy from that point. It really is pretty easy to follow and if you know your descent from the Ancestor it should lead you quickly to your family or family line.

Goggle Search to Find Your Family

Another way to find your family is to do a search for the person you want to find in the Condits and Cousins genealogy using the Google search box below. It only searches the web pages within the Condits and Cousins web site.

Custom Search

Using the Index to Find Your Family

A third way to find your family in the Condits and Cousin genealogy is to go to any page in the actual database, like John Cundict, the Ancestor  and go to the top of the page to the Search menu, type in the persons name and go right to the person. It will allow you to put in part of a name and see all the possibilities in the database. It may also give you birth year and death year if known for those not living.

Using the Surname Listing to Find Your Family

The last way to search these pages is to go to the Surnames Page  and find the surname you are looking for to see if it is in the Condits and Cousins genealogy currently posted. If it is not, it could be because it is just not entered yet. I have not completed entry of all the data available and will be updating the site periodically so check back often.

Navigating the Genealogy Pages

Every family in the Condits and Cousins genealogy has both a "Family Web" page for navigation and a "Person Page" for the individual family with notes and sources cited for the information. Be sure to view both or you'll miss half the fun. Click on any of the hyperlinks on the "Family Web" page and it will take you to the "Person Page" for that individual.

Family Web Page   Person Web Page

Additional Information on Individuals

Many of the references you will see in the Condits and Cousins genealogy are of the format below:

Condit Family Records, currently in the possession of David Condit; previously in the possession of Norman I. Condit. Family sheets collect for 1916 update of Condit genealogy, handwritten notes collected by Norman I. Condit, letters and genealogy sheets submitted by individuals to the Condit Family Association. These items collected since approximately 1885 and maintained by Condit and Cousins following the demise of the Condit Family Association.

This reference indicates that the information is from the records collected over many years by many different Condit Family genealogists. There are hundreds, if not thousands of those of documents in the Condit and Cousins family archives and to enter each at this point would be a overwhelming task. If you would like copies of documents pertaining to a specific individual they can be provided. Copies of large numbers of individuals can not be provided easily and may require an extented length of time to compile and copy.

Contact Me

For additional information on any individual or to share information, please contact me, David Condit, at   I will try and respond as quick as possible.

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