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My Family Descent from John the Ancestor

I am directly descended from John Cundict, the first Condit in America, through the following (Condit ID number following name):
John1 Cundict
     Peter2 Cundict
           Samuel3 Condit (1)
                 Captain Jonathan4 Condit (16)
                       Jeptha5 Condit (164)
                             Silas Whitehead6 Condit (1648)
                                   John Henry7 Condit (1648 3)
                                         John Winford8 Condit (1648 34)
                                               Sheldon Everett9 Condit (1648 343)
                                                     Me ( David Everett10 Condit 1648 3431)
                                                         My Son (Charles David11 Condit 1648 3431 2)

A view of where my ancestors lived as they treked across the United States to where I was born vividly shows the expansion of our country from the view of one family and is duplicated by many families in our country.  The trek from Newark, New Jersey to San Francisco, California spanned 265 years and nine generations and included many stops inbetween.  As I have studied the path of my ancestors it has been a facinating study and I hope you will enjoy it also.  The family started in Newark, New Jersey and my branch moved as shown in the following timeline.

Year Where my family moved
1678 Newark, Essex County, New Jersey
1720 Orange, Essex County, New Jersey
abt 1840 Sunbury, Delaware County, Ohio and the immediate area
abt 1843 Nauvoo, Illinois
1845 Kainsville, Nebraska
1846 Little Sioux, Harrison County, Iowa
1881 Washington Territory
1885 Hagerman, Gooding County, Idaho
1943 San Francisco, California
1950 Sacramento, California - all of moves from here on I was involved in personally.
1954 Yuba City/Marysville, California
1956 Salinas, California
1963 Concord, California
1968 Sellersville, Pennsylvania
1969 Ft. Devens, Massachusetts
1970 Asmara, Ethiopia
1972 Vint Hill Farms, Virginia
1975 Ft. Devens, Massachusetts
1976 Bangkok, Thailand
1979 Ft. Hood, Texas
1982 Idar Oberstein, FRG (West Germany)
1983 Wildflecken, FRG (West Germany)
1986 Warrenton, Virginia

The stories on my direct Condit ancestors have been moved to a new page but I hope in the near future to add some stories about my maternal ancestors including the story of my Great Great Grandfather James David Morrow who was sent to prison for manslaughter.

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