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Leonard Merry Condit's Family, Malta, Idaho Fall 1906

This picture was taken sometime in 1905 and passed down through the family. In this picture are several of Leonard's sons and daughters along with grandchildren.

Leonard Merry Condit's Family, Malta, Idaho 1905

Leonard Merry Condi's Family Picture: Malta, Idaho Fall of 1906

Back Row: Jim Handy (husband of Ella Pearl Condit), Arthur Condit (son), Leon Condit (son), Grandpa Leonard Condit, Herbert Condit (son), James Condit (son), Rena Condit (daughter)

2nd Row: Pearl Handy, Viola Lounsbury Condit (wife of Arthur), Mary Rice Condit (wife of Leon), Grandma Mary Hawley Condit, Ida Powers Condit (wife of Herbert), Edna Rice Condit (wife of James), Harry & Hyrum Condit (sons of Leon)

3rd Row (Babies): Leo Handy, Ila Condit (daughter of Arthur), Ray Condit (son of Leon), Isabel Condit (daughter of Herbert), Irma Condit (daughter of James)

Bottom: Asael Condit (son of Arthur), Irene Condit (daughter of Leon), Fred Condit, Earl Condit (son of Herbert), Ed Condit (son of Herbert), Elma Condit (daughter of James)

Ila Condit would marry Julius Meuleman; Isabel Condit would marry George Wallace; Irma Condit would marry Oliver Green; and Irene would marry Thomas Daniels.

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