Family Card
Family Card
David Condit
Welcome to my family web pages. I have primarily put this page, and the others on my site, to assist others in tracking their genealogy and hopefully provide a little more information for my genealogy. There are several places on the web where the “Condits and Their Cousins in America” book has been reproduced and I am not attempting to do that with these pages. What I want to do is add some value to the information in the Condit family genealogy book. That means providing references where available, filling in the blanks where the genealogy has no information, and extending the family lines past 1916 where the book ends.

If you have additional information on any of the Condit lines I would appreciate you emailing me with the information and allowing me to add it to this web site. If you see errors in my data, please let me know so I can fix it. And finally, help me document original sources to verify the data on this site and in the Condit genealogy.
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