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Almost all Condit families in the United States are descended from John Cundict, the Ancestor. The major exception is the Fielding Conditt family listed below. Other families are descendants from John Cundict but their connection has been lost in time and we are still trying to determine their linkage to the family.

  • The Conditt Family: an outline genealogy of the descendants of Fielding Conditt, who was born in Virginia in 1771; Volume 9, The Condits and their Cousins in America; The Condit Family Association; Blooming Grove, New York; 1978. There is currently no known connection between Fielding Conditt and John Cundict, the Ancestor. It is believed that Fielding Conditt was the first born in this country of his lineage, in colonial Virginia on October 8, 1771. Please contact me if you are looking for information on Fielding Conditt.
  • The John E. Condit family of Ohio Co., Kentucky. John was born about 1830 in Ohio Co., Kentucky and died about 1865 in Gibson Co., Indiana. He and his wife Elizabeth Brashears had six known children, all born in Indiana although they were married in Ohio Co., Kentucky. After John's death Elizabeth married Andrew Hougland and had two more children. It is believed that John may be the son of Jacob Lindley Condit (2824) and Rhoda of Ohio Co., Kentucky but no proof has been found. John's Family Group Sheet is available and if more information is desired, contact me.
  • The Charles Condit family of Washington Twp., Morris Co., New Jersey. Charles was b. Sep 20, 1822 and died Jan 18, 1895. He lived almost his entire life in Washington Township. He served in the Civil War in C Co. and D Co., 14th New Jersey Infantry Regiment. He married Mary Schuyler on Oct 17, 1847 in Somerset Co., New Jersey and they had 10 children. There were many Condit/Condict families in Morris Co., New Jersey when Charles was born but no record has been found of his parents or connections to any other Condit/Condict family. Charles' Family Group Sheet is available and if more information is desired, contact me.
  • The Edward Condit family of New Jersey. Edward was born about 1856 and married Catherine "Kate" Higgins, born about 1865 in Ireland. They had four children and are mentioned on the marriage records for their son William Edward Condit, born Oct 24, 1885, died May 23 1933. William lived in Newark, New Jersey, home of many Condit families but to date no connection has been made to this family. Edward Family Group Sheet is available and if more information is desired, contact me.

There are many individuals in the 1900's census years that are not yet connected to the Condit family but that will occur as more information is collected and collated and ancestors are identified. But the above families are groups of Condit's whose descent from John Cundict, the Ancestor is currently in need of identification. The place and timeframe they lived surely marks them as part of the Condit family. Your help is needed in identifying where they fit in our family.

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