Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet
NameDavid Condict8, 621
Birthbef 10 Mar 1766, Morristown, Morris Co., New Jersey858
Baptism10 Mar 1766, Morristown, Morris Co., New Jersey858
Death23 Nov 1836, Washington Co., Pennsylvania3165
BurialFairfield Church Cemetery, New Vernon, Mercer Co., Pennsylvania1336
FatherJabez Condict , 62 (1739-1804)
MotherPhebe Smith (1736-1813)
Birthbef 12 Apr 1772, Washington Co., Pennsylvania8,3166
Baptism12 Apr 1772, Presbyterian Church, New Providence, New Jersey3166
DeathNov 1846, Mercer Co., Pennsylvania8
BurialFairfield Church Cemetery, New Vernon, Mercer Co., Pennsylvania1336
MarriageWashington Co., Pennsylvania8
ChildrenJabez (Died as Child), 6211
 William , 6212 (1797-1859)
 Alva , 6213 (1799-1883)
 Philip , 6214 (1801-1856)
 Elizabeth , 6215 (1803-1875)
 Jane , 6216 (1805-1889)
 Sarah , 6217 (1807-1881)
 Phebe , 6218 (1809-1891)
 Rachel , 6219 (~1811-1875)
 Abigail , 621A (-1835)
 David , 621B
 Edward (Died as Infant), 621C
Notes for David Condict
David moved to Washington County, Pa., where he resided several years, and was married. After the birth of his two eldest children he removed to New Vernon, Mercer County, Pa., probably in the year 1798. Some other families accompanied them. This locality was then an unbroken forest, the nearest settlement being sixteen miles north, known as the Taylor settlement, and twenty miles easterly was the French Creek settlement, now the city of Franklin. Another settlement embraced a few families in what is now the town of Mercer. Their first summer was spent in clearing a little spot where they intended to make their new home. A small log cabin was also erected during this season. Their first crop was a few bushels of oats and some turnips. Subsistence for the approaching winter being found inadequate for their support, they determined to select one of their number to remain and care for their little herd of stock, while the other members of the company returned to Washington County for the winter. David Condit was the man chosen to remain. Procuring a little corn meal from the nearest settlement, and with the milk furnished by the stock of cattle, together with game procured by his trusty rifle, he passed a comfortable winter in his enforced retirement. The return of the colony in the spring brought three children to David, one having been born during their absence in Washington County. His wife traveled the entire distance of one hundred miles on horseback, using a man's saddle and carrying the little one, less than four months old, on her knee. The following summer this colony was blessed with a bountiful harvest. Twelve children were born, ten of whom grew to mature life, and two are still living. The clothing for all this numerous family was procured on the farm, spun and woven by the members of the household, besides yielding an amount sufficient to procure other commodities needed in the family. Salt then sold in that locality at eight dollars per bushel. David was justice of the peace for many years by appointment of the Governor.
Many instances are related of parties coming to 'Squire Condit, as he was always called, with the most bitter feelings of strife and resentment, who, under the mild and Christian advice given them, would finally become reconciled. When nothing but litigation would satisfy contending parties, the trial was conducted with the most solemn dignity and decorum. It is said that no appeal was ever taken from this court to a higher one.
The members of the new colony in Mercer County were Presbyterians, and founded what is now known as the old Fairfield Church, of which David became an elder.8
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