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Condit Settlements in Newark/Orange, New Jersey

Dr. Norman I. Condit provided me with this hand drawn map of the Newark and Orange New Jersey area with the location of the first Cundict/Condit homesteads. These are located, to the best of his ability, based on the information available to the Condit Family. You can locate the town of Newark (Newarke on Pasayack) on the right hand side of the page on the Passaic River. John Cundict, the Ancestor settled in the town of Newark. As far as we know, his son Peter also lived in Newark but Peter's children began the exodus from Newark settling in what became Orange and Morristown, New Jersey.

Peter's six sons moved from Newark to the general areas shown on the map. Samuel Cundict moved in about 1720 to "between the mountains," in area of Pleasant Valley Way as shown on the map. Peter Cundict and his brother Philip Cundict moved to Morristown in what was Morris County. Although not on this map as drawn it is easily seen on any map of New Jersey. John Cundict, Nathaniel Cundict and Isaac Cundict soon moved to what would become Orange, New Jersey right up the road from Newark.

Samuel purchased from the Indians, in about 1720, land lying between the mountains as shown in the middle of the map. From here he gave each of his sons 50 acres to farm. He continued to attend church in Orange.

Peter Cundict acquired property in Morristown and he and his wife were among the first communicants in the First Presbyterian Church in Morristown. Peter's descendants spelled their name Condict and it is so recorded in Morristown records.

John Cundict acquired property in what is now the central part of the city of Orange (on the south side of Main street extending west from Centre street) and in 1739 built a hotel which soon became known as John Condit's Public house. The hotel stayed in the family until about 1821, being known as the "Condit House."

Nathaniel Cundict settled in Orange and very little is known of him. His homestead is said to have been on Scotland street near Main street.

Philip Cundict and his wife were also among the first communicants in the First Presbyterian Church in Morristown. He also purchased 100 acres of land three miles west of Morristown and it remained in the family for many years.

Isaac Cundict lived on the west side of Main street in Orange. He, with others, was credited with work done in demolishing the first meeting house.

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